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MISSIO church - God's passion is our mission!

The Missio Church was founded in 2020 by René and Tanja Brede together with friends. We share a passion for building a community centered on God's saving and transforming love and making His invitation to relate easily accessible to people of this city and region.


Why " Missio " Church?

Missio is a Latin term and means release, assignment, mission.  

These words are of great importance in the Christian faith and should be formative in our expression of community life.

The "Missio dei" (God's mission) is made clear to us when Jesus died on this earth almost 2000 years ago for our failure, thus enabling a reconciliation between us humans and God.  

This sacrifice on the cross was done out of love - because people are God's greatest passion!


Personal acceptance of forgiveness means the beginning of a new life.  It is a life in communion with God that is designed for deepening and change. It is part of the "Missio dei" that God's grace and love change us from the inside out, heal identity and biographies, show our gifts to influence for the good.


People over the centuries have believed in this message and have begun to live their lives in this world based on a reconciled relationship with God. It was always crucial that people shared their experiences with others. Every human being should hear about the mighty love message of God in order to get the opportunity to turn to God's offer.


God's mission is to invite every human being from afar to come home to Him. God's greatest passion is people! You are God's greatest passion!  

As a missio church, we make God's mission our mission.


René und Tanja Brede (Leitendes Pastorenehepaar)

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